Best of 2009


1. Best Nail Polish: Chanel Nail Polish in Cosmic violine

2. Best night cream: Alba botanics SeaPlus Renewal Cream

3. Best Day cream:

4. Best foundation: Korres Watermelon Lightweight tinted moisturizer

5. Best Serum: Estee Lauder Night Repair

6. Lipstick:

Plum:  Chanel rouge Hydrabase in Fantastic Plum




Pink: Chanel Rouge Hydrabase in Euphoria

7. Best Shampoo: Organix

8. Best conditioner: Organix or L’oreal nature’s therapy

9. Best blush: Chanel in Rose Dust or In Love or Cargo in Cable beach (night time)??? Tarte in Tipsy for Coral

Plum: CableBeach Cargo

Pink: Chanel JC in Rose Dust or Tipsy Tarte

Coral: Chanel JC in In Love

10. Best eyeshadow: dramatic: NYX in blues


11. Concealer: New York Color

12. Chanel glossimer in Nebula

13. Korres cherry full color gloss in Nude

13. Best lipbalm – Nivea Kiss of Moisture

14. Best Toner: Witch Hazel generic is good enough

15. Best face wash – Chanel precision

16. Best Scrub – Trader Joes Grapefruit scrub

17. Best body lotion – Baby Oil

18. Best eyecream – ????

19. Best Hand Cream – Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream

19. Best body wash: Trader Joes tea tree oil wash

20. Best brushes: Eco-tools

21. Best Mascara: Exceptionnel de Chanel

22. Best Sunscreen: Chanel UV essentiel for face and No-Ad for body

23. Best deorderant: Secret in Asian Pear

24. Best perfume: Bulgari Amethyste

25. Best Powder: Chanel Poudre Douce in Peche Tendre

26. Best Eyeshadow:


total beauty credits: 73.48

8. Skin appetit eye gel: 15.00

New beauty credits: 88.48

I’ve been job hunting. Just to let you know I haven’t really purchased any beauty items lately. I am still sticking with my budget plan. So far I’ve got  14.13 in beauty credits but let’s see what other items I’ve finished up:

4.  Estee Lauder Daywear Cream – 38.00 — I counted this one because I’ve got a couple of other moisturizers left over.

5. Angels on Bare Skin – 10.81 — I count this one because I’ve other other skin cleansers

6. CVS medicated lip balm – 1.79 — I’ve got PLENTY of lipbalms

7. Wiccy Massage Bar – 8.75

total beauty credits: 73.48

Wow! even little purchases go a long way!

What else have I been doing? I’ve been perfecting the art of looking for drugstore finds! Recently I bought:

– Bag Balm – I like this one better than petroleum jelly and this is gonna last me a long long time

– Pure constarch baby powder — Lush sells powder but it’s so expensive! I like Karma and Silky Underwear because they smell really nice but as of now, I’ll stick with this drugstore purchase.

– Rose Water Toner at Whole Foods – This costs less than 4 dollars and it smells so nice. I mixed it with Witch Hazel and it’s working better for my skin because Witch Hazel tends to dry out my skin.

But anyways I will get back to updating. Right now I’m focusing on job hunting while working a part time job. also I’ve been moonlighting as a contributor for Associated  Content and trying to work extra hours at the co-op.

Here’s a couple more stories I wrote:

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Favorite Eats in Westwood Village — My College Town!

Please check them out:

I did an assignment if I were to change one thing what would it be? And I chose Korres Lip Butter.

Also I wrote an article inspired by another article I read called “How to Treat Mr. Big Syndrome“.

New page added


Added a Side Projects section here check it out!!!


– Chanel Murano quad – I thought I had my heart set on the eye gloss quad but instead I decided on the Murano quad. Isn’t it so pretty??



The colors are so pretty! and can definitely be dressed up or dressed down! It’s a good perennial product and it definitely won my heart from getting Mystic Eyes (yet again). Wearing this quad made me bring out my inner sea nymph.

– Lush Buffy Body butter – I like how after rinse off all the almonds, my skin feel moisturized that I don’t need to put some lotion or oil after the shower. It’s a good exfoliator and I would like to try other body butters too. I use this once or twice a week.

Anyways other July 2009 overviews:

– so  i just started my 3rd project 10 pan. I feel this one is going to be my last one because the goal behind doing this several times was to downsize my body lotions and moisturizers. I’m even giving away my clothes. this 3rd project 10 pan I am also trying to create a beauty budget–whenever I am done (or hit the pan) with a product, I put the amount the product costs and create a “beauty credits” however much my beauty credits are is how much my beauty budget is (check out the side bar). If I received it as a gift or a sample, it’s 1 dollar. If I finished a lotion let’s say and it was the only lotion I had left, then I can’t add that to my beauty credits because I need to buy lotion anyways. What the beauty credits can be spent on are obviously makeup and something that is considered a luxury. What I don’t consider using beauty credits for are drugstore items. Like for examples today I got Rose Water toner from Whole Foods for less than 5 dollars also I always use toner and my Witch hazel is running out. I deducted it from my Misc section but not from my beauty credits because I got it from the grocery stores–not from Lush lol. Anyways this has been effective because since I do have a few beauty products I want to spend in mind, I have been more inclined to check out some skincare products from the drugstore rather than go check out Sephora or Lush so yeah…

– I created another blog on things I am currently lusting for a moment.

– as i was heading towards finishing school for good, I had to find a hobby. But at the same time, while I’m trying to look for a full time job I decided to create a supplemental income by joining Associated Content. I have written a few articles which are currently under review but I have one published item which is a slide show of the places I went in Japan one summer so check that out:

Summer in Japan slide show

– Last week I went to my first job interview! 😀 I feel there are more websites on interview tips that focus on what to wear rather than what to say–yikes! But I hope I did well because I exhausted everything I got.

– I noticed this month I wrote a lot of rants about trying to transition away from college and figuring out apaths–anyways those were things that were in my mind. And there were some job hunting tips

So what to look out for this August?

– More associated content stuff

– Hobbies and DIY (maybe)

– favorite beauty things of July 2009

– Most likely more drugstore buys

– wardrobe transitioning (again)

– Life After College series – Since I finished college, I need to step with my responsibilities. Currently I’m looking for a job and trying figure out everything else.

– August 2009 budget challenge – I trying to see if I can live off of 60 dollars of eating out and 40 in entertainments–my weaknesses!

So as I am trying to look for a good full time job, I am trying to see if I could possibly live off a 1000 dollar budget. So the challenge is to see if I can survive the month with the following:

– 60 dollars in eating out (currently at 40.21)

– 40 dollars in entertainment (current at 30.00)

– 100 dollars in grocery purchases (ok so there is free food at the dormitory but right now I’m counting the purchases I get not from my dorm)

– 55 dollars in misc (extremely vague)

Anyways today’s spending:


100 – 12.99 (hot coco–shocking I know) = 87.01 remaining


55 – 4.49 (rose water toner) – 0.44 (in tax) = 50.07 remaining