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This retreat was so much fun! The beach house was extremely spacious and it was nice not sleeping in a bunk bed and/or a twin size bed. It was so nice spending the weekend with someone you care about too. I can’t exactly call him a boyfriend–i can’t explain why but we’re dating each other. […]

^^ I hope this is not me. So this whole weekend from Friday to Sunday I am going to a beach house for a retreat–this is the first time I’m a weekend outside my place for recreation in two years. there was that day-cation in Solvang (which doesnn’t count because I was gone for the […]

I frequently do update my makeup bag. Currently in my purchase I carry around: 1. Tarte cheek stain in Tipsy — since it’s getting hotter (like how today was) , I’m afraid it would melt in my purse… 2. Exceptionnel de Chanel in Smoky Noir – I have  three free samples of these. 3. Nivea […]

So I stopped by Sephora today at the mall and I wanted to post a wish list. On, some members mentioned how they would use Excel as well to write their wish list. For me, I’ll just simply post it: 1.  Laura Gellar Balance-n-Brighten (29.50) – a while back, i was lusting over Guerlain […]

so I got 36 dollars from last night. Then you add  the Estee Lauder DayWear creme gift set–it was worth it too. The DayWear by itself is 38 dollars but at 45 dollars you get not only the full size DayWear but the makeup bag, the Repair eyecream at 0.17 oz, Idealist Serum at 0.5 […]

totalling up


This weekend: – late dinner at Korean restaurant: 12 dollars – dinner at Blue Dahlia: 24 dollars (it was so worth it!) total: 36 dollars and I had to put it in my debit card :-(. Dang…I really should be cutting down on my going out time. Well I love going out on the weekends–actually […]

makeup list


to start off, I wanted to post my beauty inventory just to keep track of what I do have before making any impulse buy. It’s pretty disciplined thing to do. I got it from a forum for the folks who do list all their makeup using Excel. I have something more expanded like I […]