I want…of the moment


So I stopped by Sephora today at the mall and I wanted to post a wish list. On Specktra.net, some members mentioned how they would use Excel as well to write their wish list. For me, I’ll just simply post it:

1.  Laura Gellar Balance-n-Brighten (29.50) – a while back, i was lusting over Guerlain Meteorites but this is amazing and 20 dollars cheaper! As of now, I am satisfied with my Chanel  Poudre Douce.

2. Laura Gellar Spackle Primer (23) – This is what you put prior to putting the Balance-n-Brighten Powder. I’ve been wearing it since noon and my look still feels fresh and flawless.

3. Chanel Les Vernis (23) in Cosmic Violine and Mica Rose – this is the upcoming Celestial Lights collection and I do want it! Not sure if they’re LE though.

4. Chanel Glossimers (27) in either Meteore, Silex, Mirage or Mica – again from the Celestial Lights collection–these are not limited edition FY so no major hurry.

5. Mac Blush in Peaches (18) – this looked really pretty. I really do a want this shade. This would be blush number 5. Like I said, I love blush.

6. Nars Creme eyeshadow in Mykonos (21) – this is a cool lavender color.

7. Sephora Eyelash curler (17) – I do not like my Essence of Beauty Eyelash Curler, it pinches and I’m not a huge fan of the curl. Tried Shu Uemera but i don’t like it either because it doesn’t fit the shade of my eye. But this Sephora one fits perfectly and curling is no effort.

Just to let you know these are things I’m lusting for–it doesn’t mean I’m gonna buy it. I just like to post my wishlist to avoid any impulsive buys. Also ever since I’ve fallen back in using my debit card for buying food, I’m not too interested in buying any cosmetics and clothing and other luxuries  for the time being until I get myself back together. I’m usually good about saving money by not buying food on campus or not buying Starbucks and reduce to my outing to be with friends (which isn’t too often) and  paying cash as well that’s how I’m able to buy some of the things I like and still manage my pay for my expenses you know. So yeah…Last term, I disciplined to not buy any cosmetics or clothes with the exception of facial skincare (but pay with cash) and body stuff (there are cheaper alternatives like baby oil) which I successfully did but it’s a cycle you know–you’ll  fall down once in a while. Just notice it ASAP and try to fix it you know.


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