This weekend’s spending


so I got 36 dollars from last night.

Then you add  the Estee Lauder DayWear creme gift set–it was worth it too. The DayWear by itself is 38 dollars but at 45 dollars you get not only the full size DayWear but the makeup bag, the Repair eyecream at 0.17 oz, Idealist Serum at 0.5 oz, and the Face Wash. I thought I already have another Idealist Serum at 0.24 aoz and I do use it, I don’t mind getting another one. So with tax that’s almost 50 dollars.

Then I stopped by H&M–my sandals broke–I only have one set of sandals and I bought a pair at 5.90 and a bikini top at 14.90 for the beach. With tax that’s about 22-23 dollars.

It was so hot today, I bought some starbucks and a little snack so that’s about 4.50.

So in total I spent 113.50 cents. Ok…so the 10 dollars was the remaining cash I had left from doing chores. So I put out about 93.50–that’s the most put I’ve put in my debit card in a while.

So goal this week:

– don’t buy any food on campus!!!!

– pay for the phone bill this week

– do well on the midterm

– come up with outfits to wear for the beach this weekend–seriously I feel like everything I have is pretty fall/ winter-looking. I need to update my closet without buying a thing.


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