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since I get out of work earlier. I need to do the following: – order and pick up my sash and tassel. I already have my cap and gown – graduation photoshoot from a friend – pick up graduation tickets from the main ticket center (commencement) and tickets from my counselors office (departmental) – bible […]

So today is the club banquet and me and EC (the guy I’m dating) went shopping for his nice shirt. As I was holding his hand, it felt really scaley and it was dry that was when I decided to pull out my 1 oz Nivea tin (must I mention it’s 99 cents?). I love […]

Figuring out


I’m trying to figure out the purpose of my blog other than just makeup and clothes I buy. I noticed I’ve added a few personal anecdotes and greening my lifestyle from laundry detergent and trying to budget. So far I am liking how it’s going because I’m able to show everything and talk about things […]

project 10 pan


I’ve seen this all over the blogosphere, it’s very disciplined way to not buy any more makeup until they hit the pan or finish up ten beauty products. This is a way of making beauty collectors use to really use their product and make them think “do I really need blah blah blah??” But I […]

The last time I bought a scrub was around December the warm amber scrub from the Body Shop and it was about 20 dollars and using it every other day, it got me through one month. The scrub was nice but not enough for me to buy one every month. Bam, you have Trader Joe’s […]

I am loving the McCafes–my favorite item is the hot mocha but too bad the closest McCafe from is in Santa Monica so I have to take the bus to get one. A medium size–something I RARELY buy is less than 3 dollars. I usually buy a small for specialty drinks because it’s the cheapest […]

no buy


I want to go on a no-buy on makeup until the new Chanel fall collection comes out. So no brushes, no lotions, no drugstore, no high-end. Besides as much as I looove my blushes and actually use all of them, I’m gonna cut down on buying the blushes — I have my own box just […]