hauling from hometown


I just came back from my parent’s place and I came back with a haul!

I went to Costco and got 3 contact lense solution for under 8 dollars.

Walmart since we don’t have one near by–ok…well I don’t have a car so anyways since I was there I bought a Maybelline eyelash curler which works sooo much better than my Essence of beauty eyelash curler and it doesn’t pinch my lids, No Ad sunscreen, baby oil, witch hazel (at 1.50!!!), and acetone free nail polish remover (at 1.00!!).

Free stuff I got at home since my parents are gonna be gone for a month out of the country–several packages of 100 calorie cookies and vaseline body lotion. I’m gonna finish up this Vaseline in lieu of the baby oil before it goes bad.

Oh don’t forget to mention Friday how I bought Trader Joes’s Purify Grapefruit and Chamomile Sea Salt scrub–less than half the price of a body shop scrub scrub and it smells GREAT! This is the second Trader Joe’s product I’ve used–the other one is the Tea Tree oil body wash.


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