my Olay Total Effects night moisturizer is running out


Darn! and it was a free sample too! I liked the results and it never broke me out but I would like to try something new and something green. I’m planning to try Alba Sea Plus Renewal Cream. It’s cheaper than the Total Effects and WAAAY cheaper than La Mer. I swear one of the girls from the retreat had La Mer–I was so suprised how small it was for the amount of money to spend.

Sorry, I’ve been so busy studying I haven’t able to upload pictures and adding my two cents.  I really do want to.

Also there’s a couple things I’ve been eyeing like Caudalie Grape Harvest water mist. I tried MAC Fix+ for the first time but I really am not too impressed to spend 17 dollars you know. Caudalie Grape Harvest is 8 dollars for a small bottle and everyone seems like it too. But yeah…I always wanted a toning mist because it refreshes and energizes my skin but haven’t found anything–I even tried the Body Shop vitamin C mist too but it’s not enough to made me go “let me spend 18 dollars.”


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