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I want to go on a no-buy on makeup until the new Chanel fall collection comes out. So no brushes, no lotions, no drugstore, no high-end. Besides as much as I looove my blushes and actually use all of them, I’m gonna cut down on buying the blushes — I have my own box just for them. I remembered a while ago, I was sooo into lipsticks and I cut that down too.

Besides if I can go for a whole school term not buying any makeup and clothes, I don’t seen a month would be so hard. From what I picked up from my shopping ban was that I do spend less especially with clothes OMG!! has that changed. Reading over my blog since I started it in the beginning of the quarter, I bought a shirt for one cent and anotherr shirt and I consider a spree would be buying clothes for a total of less than 30 dollars. I’ve been really good with trying to restart a wardrobe for less than 100 dollars so far. I’m tryin to make my wardrobe to be more clean and less trendy and something I would wear on more than one occasion so far it’s been a lot of basic plain tee-shirts and some blouses. I’m sure once I start a full time job and I would be able to buy something other than Ross and H&M stuff but for now…i’ll focus on what I have and see how much wear I can give. Besides there’s other things that I want to save up for other than an Anthropologie dress once i get a full time job like…you know getting a place and you know furniture for the place.

but biggest difference I’ve seen from this terms shopping was that I have not used my credit cards to buy any of my clothes and accessories even for food and going out to restaurants. That’s a huge deal for me because when we go out a lot of my friends do pull out their credit cards when we buy stuff. So yeah…it’s good to know I’m actually using MONEY I have!!!

Also I don’t do major serious serious hauls anymore since that school-term long shopping ban.

Been creative with things I already have in my closet is a big deal too.

What I’ve always been good in the foundations, powders, concealers creams, shampoos and conditioners is not buying a new item until it runs out/hit the pan–need to continue that.

I’m gonna graduate soon and I’ve got other focuses too like…paying for student loans, saving up for travel, my credit card debt, and my own apartment…oh yeah and buying my friends presents. I’ve got a wedding to go to next month. My best friend’s birthday is coming up and I’d like to get her something nice.  The guy I’m seeing is going to England in the fall for grad school and I’d like to save up a ticket to go see him except since we’re really not that commited to each other (we say we aren’t but we act like we can’t live without each other), i don’t want that to be my number one priority because I’ve done a lot of that before–you know making the effort to go see a guy and just be disappointed. If i were to buy a ticket to go halfway around the world to see a guy and it was a pure upset because he’s with someone else or something crazy happened, I’d feel it would be my ultimate disappointment because I put in my emotions  for desire to go and my hard work to save up and scrimp on necessities and myself to not let myself get what I want–I feel it’s an ultimate fail if it doesn’t work out. I know people tell me experience matters but…being smart matters too–though I’ve been taught to follow my heart all my life and there are just somethings you can’t just use your heart to do. Your heart gives you a calling and what you’d like to do with your career but your heart doesn’t tell you this is gonna cost you money and your emotions.  I’ve never been to England before though but…i’m just hesistant in considering to buy a ticket to go see him even though he wants me to go. I just don’t want him lonely there and I hope he’ll be fine…


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