sorry about the hiatus…


wow, sorry about the hiatus. Been busy with school. Anyways my recent purchases.

Yesterday I went to Ross and i was trying to look for a blue dress for next week’s banquet and i found one for 9.99!! it’s plain but there’s so many ways to wear it. hen it comes to buying dresses, I’m now trying to think of how I would wear it instead of more than once. It looked really ugly on the hanger just to let you know but on me, it looked nice and I know this is what I can wear more than once and put anything on top of it for a different occasion.

Anyways my recent purchases:

– Chanel Glossimer in Nebula (LE) – this look really weird in the tube. it’s this pink lavender color with blue shimmer but on my lips they look nice and it’s something I wouldn’t mind wearing everyday. It’s limited edition btw.

– Chanel Nail Polish in Cosmic Violine (LE??)– from the pictures I’ve seen online, I thought this was gonna be another Haute chocolat or Vendetta but in person it’s this maroon/brown color with red shimmer–really unique. Totally bought this one. to think of me eye-ing Mica Rose for so long. Mica Rose was way too sheer. Of the nail polishes, Cosmic Violine definitely takes Best of 2009–will something else through the rest of the year beat Cosmic Violine? Well people were raving about how beautiful Vendetta was and it was really selling and I did get compliments  everytime I wore the shade–Vendetta is a beautiful color too but…my gut is feeling that Cosmic Violine totally beats out Vendetta.

Cargo BeachBlush in Cable Beach – This comes out as a cool plum/pink/berry color. I didn’t think I would like it or it would look good on me. It like how there’s 4 stripes of different colors which I can make as an eyeshadow or the lighter stripes as a highlighter. It’s a very versatile product. Oh yeah, very pigmented too–be real easy on the brush…it kind of takes practice to make yourself look less clowny.

– MAC blush in Peaches – It’s a pure matte peach color. Good for a minimalist look or if I want more attention to my eyes. compared to other blush brands, I like Chanel better because i feel they’re not so powdery like MAC’s. I’ve been mixing blushes lately like i would use Peaches and Chanel JC fandango to contour or I would mix it. Or I would mix Tarte CheekStain in Tipsy with Peaches. Wow i have so many blushes right now maybe I should cut down for now…

– Alba SeaPlus Renewal Cream – The smell is interesting in a good way and i use this as my night moisturizer and I wake up to glowing skin. It’s cheaper than the Olay total Effects, it’s green, vegetarian, and it’s enough to make make me buy more Alba products. It’s kind of like when I fell in love with the Estee Lauder Repair Night serum (which I love love love!) and bought the Day Cream moisturizer–well anyways ever since I tried Alba, I felt Estee Lauder DayCream was put to shame. as soon as the DayCream runs out (which is going to take a while), I’ll buy the Alba Organics Sea Moss moisturizer (which is about 14-15 dollars) it has SPF 15  too! So far Alba SeaPlus Renewal Cream screams out Best of 2009 for Night creams.

– organix Shampoo and Condition in Pomengranate and Green Tea – these are sulfate free shampoos. I started using sulfate free shampoos since December. My first one was Sexy Hair concepts in chocolate soymilk I got at some beauty store. This guy was agressive pushing me to buy something even though I wasn’t too interested in buying something. So to leave the store buying SOMETHING, I bought the chocolate soymilk shampoo — the bottle was cute but it was17 dollars!!! Anyways these are 6.99 each and I have a 6.99 mail in rebate from both of the bottles so I basically got it for free!!! But since it doesn’t expire right now, I don’t want to mail in the rebate yet since I am moving out in about 2 months . Or maybe i can send in the rebate to my parent’s house. There are other scents like Vanilla Silk and TeaTree Mint. So far this one is a potential Best of 2009 for Shampoo and conditioners.

– Korres Watermelon Lightweight Tinted Moisturizer – I bought this one a while ago. I usually don’t wear foundation unless I’m going out at night or it’s just one of those less than perfect days but otherwise, it’s very very rare. So far I like it because it makes my skin looks even, but the con is that it can kind of drying overtime ironically i know it’s a “moisturizer” but make sure your skin is moisturized before putting this tinted moistuizer.

Korres Love you Lips set (le) – this one comes in 3 Cherry Full Lipglosses and 1 lip butter. The Cherry Full lipglosses come in light pink, beige pink, and nude. Beige pink is the only shimmery lipgloss. the lip butter is a coral color called pomengranate. I love the cherry full lipglosses because it smells so good and I can put something on my lips other than chapstick when I go on dates. I feel my glossimers and lipsticks, if I wear them on dates, I don’t want the glitter and color to be on my date’s lips when I kiss him. I love the pomengranate lip butter because it’s soft and pigmented. Also the best part about this set is that it’s 29 dollars (at 57 dollar value) and everything is full size instead of sample size. Makes me look into Korres more and othere organic  brands like Josie Maran and Plantlove.


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