what is blue, creamy and only 99 cents??


So today is the club banquet and me and EC (the guy I’m dating) went shopping for his nice shirt. As I was holding his hand, it felt really scaley and it was dry that was when I decided to pull out my 1 oz Nivea tin (must I mention it’s 99 cents?). I love how simple the container is and it’s small and I can just put it in my purse. I like it better than my tube of petroleum jelly that I also put in my purse as well. Petroleum jelly I like to use on my eyes and my lips.

From drugstore.com

This luxurious, moisture-rich creme is the same Nivea you’ve always known and loved.  It softens, soothes and rehydrates even the driest skin. Nivea Creme provides a protective barrier that captures moisture in the skin for up to 12 hours.  Fast absorbing and non-comedogenic.  Especially effective on dry areas, like hands, legs, elbows and feet.

  • Protects
  • Hydrates
  • Nourishes

Anyways i can’t stop touching how soft his hands are and I like how fast this creme absorbs into the skin. What I also really like the most is that it doesn’t leave a white cast or some bumps on my skin like most lotions do. What does EC think of the product? Well he loves how cheap the product is (big deal for him) and would like to buy it himself–to be exact, the bigger tub because he has eczema.

It’s so weird how we’re experiencing early onset of June gloom and my skin has been dry like crazy as well.

Actually this cream almost done and will be on my project 10 pan list. Would I like to buy it again? yes but probably again during fall/winter season when my skin gets really dry.


One Response to “what is blue, creamy and only 99 cents??”

  1. 1 glenax

    Yes I prefer my man to have soft skin too (but as if he listens. check out my blog about my experience of moisturising my hand! http://handmoisturiser.wordpress.com

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