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hmm…well the most i’ve been away was like 2-3 days and LATELY it’s been: Skincare: – day moisturizer – sunsuncreen – lush massage bar (as a lotion of course) – witch hazel toner (in a smaller tube) – Estee lauder night serum – petroleum jelly (for eyecream usually) – night time moisturizer – skin cleanser […]

So i finally switched rooms and not only that I also: – packed all the clothes I don’t wear/don’t need/don’t fit into a bag and it’s going to the Salvation Army–but I still have a lot of clothes left over!! omg… – threw all my junk away – consolidated all my extras–like extra body washes […]

about how I haven’t been out of this state in more than a year–actually more than two years. No, I don’t count a trip to Vegas because I feel every California university/college student goes to Vegas. I really want to go except no money and really really not a lot of time *sighs*. I’d like […]

image from Oh I couldn’t find my Korres Lip butter in a while and used that dreaded Nivea Kiss of Moisture SPF 4. The Nivea gave sun protection which I like but it didn’t moisturize so I had to keep applying every so often. But i’m so glad I found it because my lips […]

This one is on serums. I’m trying to keep a list of things I own by category, in some areas, I’m suprised I owned a lot and I’m trying to reduce some area (i.e. body washes). Daytime: Estee Lauder Idealist Lumene C+ cocktail serum Nighttime: Estee Lauder night repair

I was at 7-11 today which by the way has 99 cent iced coffee and I saw something on the cover saying “Virgins in Cosmo (We thought the day would never come)”. Well maybe due to declining subscription and covering every possible topic on sex, they had to go to virgins…According to EC Cosmopolitan is […]

How many topics can the news cover about Michael Jackson?? All weekend from the tv in EC’s living room to the car radio it was Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson. Maybe because I’m not a die hard fan. Or maybe because everyday I always see the ever-growing Iran Election protest everyday on Wilshire Blvd […]