Another challenge


I found this challenge from and the challenge is using only one product everytime you use your makeup. You can still use your other makeup but you have to always use that one product everytime you apply makeup…So anyways…it can be one eyeshadow and/or one blush and/or one lippie for a whole month. But i’m trying to decide tomorrow is gonna be the first day of June! Some are doing all three or some are doing just one eyeshadow everyday for the month. I’m trying to think what I can always use everyday…maybe I can either do Chanel Irreelle duo in Cristal Dusk everyday or maybe everyday use my Beiges de Chanel quad or Chanel Safari single shadow since i barely touch those. I’m still deciding. Or maybe my Aqualumiere gloss since it’s almost done…no…now that feels like cheating because I’m also doing project 10 pan…so anyways everytime I apply that powder, put the eyeshadow lol.

anyways as far as doing 1 product everyday for a month, I am usually good  sticking with one face wash, toner, and moisturizer and all that skincare stuff. I’m usually good with sticking with one powder–I mean I stuck with my Chanel Poudre Douce for a long time almost everyday and it hit the pan. But yeah…using colored cosmetics is a little harder and like I said, I barely used eyeshadow–hence my collection is rather small compared to the rest of my collection.


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