I choose…Chanel Single Eyeshadow in Safari!


Chanel Safari

Chanel Safari

I decided to play safe this month just because it’s a new challenge so that is why I used Safari. I always say it’s such a versatile color but I barely wear it.

Anyways remember I’ll be using Safari everytime I put on makeup (which is everyday because I do put on lipgloss and powder everyday) this month. I do looove Chanel single eyeshadows–so pigmented and SOFT too. But they’re so expensive–28.50 per shadow might as well buy a quad. I’ve had this eyeshadow since August I believe. They’re really pretty but I barely touch them since I don’t reach out for them as much as my blushes you know due to the fact I have very little time to get ready in the mornings because of work. On most days, I come back to my place to pick up more stuff and while I’m there I usually just throw powder and blush and I go with some lipgloss. On dressier occassions or going out, it’s that plus a little light eyeshadow and/or mascara etc which is rare because I do forget about I have and just don’t think about reaching that product you know.


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