you know when to throw your mascara


Bye, bye Exceptionnel de Chanel in Smoky Brun :-(.

it had to go. I had it for 6 months (typical length for any mascara and that is what the label said) .

Anyways I loved the way it gave me long luscious eyelashes without any false eyelashes nor an eyelash curler.

And I loved how I never got any racoon eyes (cough cough Benefit Bad Gal lash mascara).

Anyways when to know when to throw away that mascara:

1. If it starts to smell weird

2. It doesn’t go on as smooth anymore.

3. When it starts to irritate your eyes (totally big deal)–i kept rubbing my eyes during class today

4. When it starts to clump

Unfortanately Chanel met all those requires for me to throw away. I mean it was almost empty and I’m glad I used it. Anyways it’s just in time for summer where I’m basically mascara-less. I’ll probably do the petroleum jelly thing on my lash–the trick does work–it actually makes my lashes look thicker and curlier.  But I’ve been really eye-ing on the Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara–the brush kind of looks like the Fairy Drops Mascara.

Anyways here’s some other tips on mascara:

– How to keep your mascara fresh

– how long to keep other cosmetic products


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