how to use petroleum jelly #1


I’ve had several uses for petroleum in the past and I’d like to share a series of what I’ve been using for and what I like or in some cases didn’t like about it.

Anyways, use #1

Hand cream

Actually I don’t really like it as a hand cream on me. I know I do have dry hands but I prefer my little tin or Nivea or Neutrogena Norwegian formula to do the job. I’m currently using the Neutrogena Norwegian and so far my hands are looking BETTER! Petroleum jelly didn’t absorb into my hands as fast as the other two and there was jelly smeared all over my labtop and keyboard when I would be typing and it would be all sticky looking and greasy feeling which I did not like at all.

But never fear, maybe the hand cream works for some people and it just happen to not work for me and there is a lot more GOOD things for me to say about petroleum jelly. I like how it lightens up my load when traveling with my skincare regime for examples let’s say I forgot my eyecream–petroleum jelly is right in my bag. Anyways i don’t want to give too much away…


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