update on project 10 pan

  1. Chanel Poudre Douce in Peche Tendre (hit the pan for a while now)
  2. Witch Hazel Toner (last week and I just started on my 2nd bottle)
  3. Bottle of Sunscreen SPF 30
  4. Olay total Effects night moisturizer (free sample)
  5. Estee Lauder Idealist (free sample)
  6. L’oreal nature’s therapy moisture cream conditioner
  7. First bottle of Baby Oil
  8. Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Mint Body Wash
  9. Breathe Skin conditioner
  10. Chanel Exceptionnel Mascara

Wow, i’m already done. I know you were thinking “that was fast” but that is because I had a lot of products that were going hit on it’s last leg. Anyways I finished at a perfect time since tomorrow is my last final and my rule is that I will only buy up to four products but before busting out my wish list let’s be nostalgic and go over my faves and my not-so-faves.

Best High-end products:

– Chanel Exceptionnel Mascara in Smoky Brun – I liked this mascara

– Chanel Poudre Douce  in Peche Tendre – this one has been hitting the pan for a while and I’m like 60% done. I’m gonna finish this product. I planning to do another project 10 pan

Best Cheap Thrills:

– Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Mint Body Wash – I love  the smell and I love how this doesn’t have any sulfates and it does the job!

– Baby Oil – I like how this doesn’t form a white film on my upper arms like most lotions do. This one is a keeper and I’m going through the second bottle.

– Olay Total Effects night moisturizer – I got this one as a free sample and i loved waking up to radiant skin the following morning. I am considering purchasing this but for now I need to finish my Boots no 7 moisture quench (what is left of it) and a whole tub of Alba Sea Plus Renewal (which is cheaper than the Olay).


Estee Lauder Idealist – I got this one as a free  sample. Thank god, it was a free sample, the whole bottle is 45 dollars and it’s not as great as the Night Repair Serum. I mean it’s an ok product but it’s not enough for me to by the product itself. I also have a second free sample. It’s ok it kind of does the job–yeah my skin feels smoother but that’s why I exfoliate my face.

Breath skin conditioner – I got this one as a gift. It’s like a hair conditioner except it’s for your skin and you might not need to put lotion on after you shower. Anyways I’m just glad to get rid of it because it wasn’t something I would put in lieu of a body lotion. But you know what, I also have another one in Vanilla I have to get rid of. Actually going through my skincare products I got as gifts I also have a soap-free body wash as well.


Anyways, yes, I do want to do another project 10 pan because it made me look into things I already have and start using them and also be in control of my spending. In the past I would buy beauty products after my exams and midterms and they were things I wanted in mind and if I couldn’t afford it at the time then the first thing I’d buy is some limited edition makeup piece. But the thing is, I actually use LE pieces, I don’t display them on my vanity haha. But it’s just so pretty to use and they won’t be around next season you know. But then I found myself letting it grow by just buying things because it was on my wishlist and I knew I had to control it and saying “no more buying more hand creams and lotions and brushes and other beauty products!” wasn’t enough! Also I would buy shampoos when I had a little bit left on my previous ones. Also speaking of midterms and exams, I would award myself one item per exam I took and if I did really well on the exam then I can add two lol but anyways since it’s closer to graduation and I know I’m gonna get a job, I won’t have midterms and exams then so…I thought maybe lollipop26’s project 10 pan will do to prevent me from random buying and also clear out my collection since I really don’t want to find myself moving out with a bunch of free samples and body washes falls out my bag. For me it’s a nice way to save since I realized I had more body stuff than I expected so I don’t have to buy new ones and it’s self disciplining too because there are other things I would like to save up I can hold on to some eyeshadow and save up for some star items from the fall collection. And you know that savings that can go a long way like to other things like travel which I’d like to do when I get a job.

Anyways for the reward for finals and my accomplishment for project 10 pan i can only pick up to four things:

– Tarte Cheek Stain in Blissful (it’s LE too. I remember debating that or tipsy and I took home Tipsy. I love Tipsy but if I have known, then Blissful could’ve been first)

– pink eyeshadow. I decided not to get the Stila Charmed Palette anymore (see what project 10 pan did to me) besides, I liked it for the pretty pink eyeshadow

– Parakeet Plantlove eyeshadow (the swatches look so pretty online)


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