The Big Hair Affair review


The other day I went to Lush and bought this mini kit for 15 dollars called the “Big Hair Affair“.

The big hair affair kit includes:
1 H’suan Wen Hua hair moisturizer (16.45)
1 Jungle Solid Conditioner (9.95)
1 Liquid Shampoo (i’ll list the prices later)
2 Solid Shampoo Bars,
1 Liquid Conditioner
1 Styling Gel

Unbelievable! for 15 dollars. These samples are all gonna last me a while.
For the following, I picked…

– liquid shampoo I picked “big” (21.35)
– solida shampoo bars I got Godiva (9.25) and Ultra Shine (9.25)
– I chose American Cream (8.75-26.65)

This is quite a deal to try a little bit of everything!

I’ve tried everything except for “Big” and the styling gel. So far I love the American Cream and planning to repurchase the full size. So far I love Godiva (but it’s not enough to make me re-buy it) but I should try Big as well. If I were to purchase another solid shampoo, I would like to pick Seanick because there is no SLS. SLS and my hair are definitely not good friends. I like the hair moisturizer but I don’t think it’s necessary. Anyways it’s a great way to be introduced to Lush. I like the the idea of solid shampoos because they last a while and you can use a little product and I don’t think I have to wash my hair every other day but maybe every 3-4 days?? because it’s so strong (or maybe because there is a suprisingly some SLS in the products). Anyways I definitely do want to make a review for each individual product because I really do have some positive and negatives about each product.

p.s. I went to Lush yesterday and bought Angels on Bare Skin on an impulse. I actually wanted my skin to take a break on my Chanel Mousse Confort (my amazing facial cleanser) since my skin is a little oilier during the summer.


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