Things to save for:


This is the last summer of my undergraduate life and I need to save up! And skip buying so much skincare, beauty stuff, and clothes, and eating out etc and WHY I should skip.

So I decided to stick around my college town for a bit which I am glad to exercise some independence. I thought to myself, once I move out, I shouldn’t move back to my parent’s house because it’s just too easy. I tell myself, make the effort to find a real job in Los Angeles, make the effort to find a place, etc etc etc… I admire those who do end up not living back home because they found a job in their field and they don’t have to move back to their parents and found ways to get around so why shouldn’t I?

But anyways a list of what I want to save up for (non makeup related):

1. I am anticipating on some traveling so save up for that

2. spending time with EC before he moves to London.

3. Building my emergency fund.

4. Seeing EC in London (very tentative)

5. Saving up for my first place…

6. Starting a new life after graduation.

This is just a start… And i am glad I’m doing things such as project 10 pan/1 product one month thing to keep away from being tempted from making these impulsive buys and appreciate what I have.


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