how to use petroleum jelly #3


I’ve had several uses for petroleum in the past and I’d like to share a series of what I’ve been using for and what I like or in some cases didn’t like about it.

Eye Cream

When I go somewhere overnight, I just hate stuffing up my toiletry case to find it well…over stuffed. that means putting some creams or cleansers in random pockets of my purse, labtop bag, etc and I hate to keep track of it. It would be so nice to just have your whole skincare stuff in one place rather than your labtop bag.

On my desk, I have two eye creams one for day and the other for night but putting them in my toiletry bag when traveling seems ridiculous so that is when my tube of petroleum jelly comes in. It’s so multi-purpose too that now all I have to bring is cleanser, toner, my day and night cream and my petroleum jelly!

p.s. I love my lush massage bar as travel lotions so the space created in my toiletry bag has gotten greater!!! I don’t have to worry about spilling lotion bottles anymore.


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