ugh!! I regained the weight I lost


I’m so sad…just looking at the numbers. I haven’t been going to the gym as much I liked because after my 1st set of midterms, I had to focus and I was always busy or too tired. It started with “I have to go to the gym for maybe 20 minutes but I have to walk back and study” but then it became NOT going at all.

My goal is lose those 10 pounds again before I gain anymore before it becomes apparent. My back feels less toned too.

to start: drink a lot of water. I haven’t been doing a lot of that–actually I haven’t drank a lot of fluids either. I never drink soda so I should get back to drinking a lot of water. I mean I really don’t even eat that much.

Go to the gym as much as possible. Maybe for next week the goal number of visits should be 2 because i’m so busy with working as many hours in my part time job and I’m trying to find a real job and make the greatest resume ever. I have class once a week but it’s all day and I need to study. How in the world will I find time for all this???

That is why in theory, the lack of drinking water is the reason why I’m gaining weight…I mean I don’t have time to go to the gym as much as I like to–my goal is going there at least two times this coming week for a minumum of 30 minutes. but more importantly I have to look for a real job and the search looks more like a full time job to me.


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