Summer essential: Korres Watermelon Lightweight Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30


I prefer tinted moisturizers to foundations in general just because I’m just a plain old foundation-a-phobe. I don’t really like it when make up artists put foundation–I don’t even like it when I put on foundation either. But with tinted moisturizers, they’re light weight where I don’t feel like I”m wearing makeup or think about the fact that I’m wearing a mask you know.

Korres is actually one of my favorite beauty brands I love their Cherryful lipgloss, lip butter, eyeshadows and mascara. What to love even more is that they’re a totally organic line without compromising quality. This tinted moisturizer is ok–it’s good most of the time but other times it’s kind of drying. I will finishing this because the good news is that it doesn’t break me out but I won’t buy again because I know I’ve had better. I have this one in medium honey.

Pro: can fit in my makeup bag when traveling, has SPF 30, doesn’t break me out, thin where a little goes a long way, covers where it needs too, organic, smells good

Cons: sometimes no moisturizing, drying–sometimes I have to mix my moisturizer with this–that is enough for me to not buy it again, sometimes I’ll look kind of chalky

where to buy? at 28 dollars


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