paying off those credit cards


Crap…well I may not have 60,000 dollars worth in debt (thank god) but I AM in credit card debt. But I agree looking at my credit card statement, I don’t have anything worth this debt like I don’t have big ticket items–I mean I live in a dorm room!! Like a majority of it came from eating out, clothes (some i wear all the time, some I don’t), things for the place and ironically I used it on very few makeup items (thank god…i stopped using credit cards before the great makeup obsession). But otherwise I used it mainly on going out with friends…but…big mistake… Anyways i’m glad I stopped using them and I’m proud to say ever since March, I have NOT charged a single thing on my credit card. I mean yeah…I love to shop and I going out with my friends but I as long as I don’t put it in my credit card, then it’s all good. But compared to now, I do use all the things I buy and I’m a lot happier with the things I buy too. And i really back up and think “do I need this?”–“how many ways can i wear this?”–“where to put in my room?” etc etc…but the answer is usually “I’ll buy it later” and “i really don’t have space in room.”

But basically the moral of the story is: DON’T SPEND MONEY YOU DON’T HAVE!!! Like i said, i love shopping but be more mindful please…

Anyways i just found this story to be relatable especially with peers who also have credit card not owning a thing that’s worth X amount of dollars.

Also the other moral is that we do have choices. There’s this commenter that says that these department store people who sell credit cards are no different from people who say “you want fries with that?” because you know you can always say you don’t want fries with that burger just like you can say “no” to the cards being offered.

Anyways that’s just my two cents.


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