A new Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair


I loove this stuff. It all started with a free sample in the winter and I bought a full size when it was finished. At first I thought “oh free sample” and that was that…but I will buy this again and again. All it takes is a couple of drops and it gets my whole face. I know i’m 21 but living in LA I deal with a lot of environmental stress. My skin has changed ever since I moved here it looked stress, had break outs, and it looked dull but with Night Repair my skin has definitely improved it’s so much more radiant and I love waking up that my skin looks so much more even.

Now there’s this new Night Repair serum called “Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex” this deal with today’s lifestyle. here is what makes it different (from Moodiereport.com):

Chronolux™ Technology, which supports the natural synchronisation of the skin’s repair processes.

Alkyl Guanine Transferase (AGT) is said to help repair the appearance of damage from smoke and pollution, in particular toxins and chemicals, thereby putting Lauder’s new serum at the forefront of repairing the look of damage from all known major environmental assaults, according to the company.


2 Responses to “A new Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair”

  1. Really? My mom has this too, except she never uses it. It sounds amazing.

    • 2 Julie Marie

      i like it because it makes my skin looks less stress. At first i thought “Oh free sample” but definitely did make my skin look so much better!

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