oh…Cosmopolitan is desperate…(I think)

Vintage cosmopolitan

Vintage cosmopolitan

I was at 7-11 today which by the way has 99 cent iced coffee and I saw something on the cover saying “Virgins in Cosmo (We thought the day would never come)”. Well maybe due to declining subscription and covering every possible topic on sex, they had to go to virgins…According to EC Cosmopolitan is more sexed up than “Playboy”–well I can’t be the judge because I don’t read “Playboy”.

Nostalgia time, I remembered back in 7th grade, me and my girlfriends would read Cosmopolitan…wow, looking back why did we read that? I guess it was supplemental reading to our 7th grade sex ed class.

Anyways…this might be too personal but I didn’t lose my virginity until a lot later in college (waaay later) but throughout the way, my admittance of becoming a virgin did create social awkwardness rather than respect which I found really lame. I mean, I don’t think I SHOULD be less acceptable because I was still a virgin. I didn’t “save myself” due to religious reasons or the whole save myself until marriage. I felt I’d do it until I was ready but I had to meet the right guy to do my first time with. But you know…besides, I don’t believe the losing your virginity like it’s either you’ve had sex before or you haven’t had sex. Like if you lost your virginity does the guy suddenly appear to have a trophy. And also it just sounds so negatively connotated. I guess it created this awkward social atmosphere because I surprised people because they wouldn’t expect it. I always wore “sexy clothes” and I dated and I knew how to give  sex jokes. I usually wear low rised jeans and sometimes without intention,  it does show my underwear and I’ll wear low cut shirts, or I’ll wear shorter tops but it has nothing to do with my status of my sex life. I wear those things because I can. I can give sex jokes because I know how and I date because well I can date too. Then there was this one term where I lived with a guy and I remembered talking to my neighbors how I would freak out at the time whenever he walked around the room not wearing a shirt (I come from a lot of sisters so living with a dude was new experience), my neighbor’s response was “well you just act like that because you’re still a virgin.” What a ridiculous answer. And oh another thing to bring up, I’ve never talked down to anyone who went around so I don’t see why I (or any virgin) should be talked down for NOT sleeping around.


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