possible headline stories


How many topics can the news cover about Michael Jackson?? All weekend from the tv in EC’s living room to the car radio it was Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson. Maybe because I’m not a die hard fan. Or maybe because everyday I always see the ever-growing Iran Election protest everyday on Wilshire Blvd with “RIP Neda” signs on cars and posters and people uniformed in green shirts–I honestly feel it’s a more serious issue. Yeah…people die naturally and everyday but over there people are risking their lives to stand for social justice. I just remembered the day of, the news on Iran halted. I mean…MJ died…yeah there’s nostalgia value, yeah he’s an icon…and it’s story of year worthy but i’m kind of over it after the following day. Don’t think I’m being mean. Look me and EC went to Hollywood to check out his star yesterday which was great because like wow, there were flowers and posters and ribbons on his star and it was crazy crowded. We even saw Ed McMahon’s star which only had one rose. and wow, Farrah Fawcett is really pretty (even as she got older) but i’m so sad I never go to see her star

…but back to the topic, it’s like how many stories can you reap from this MJ??

So far we have:

– costumes

– his costumes in auction

– the dark side of his childhood

– what each of his family members are feeling

– Neverland Ranch and what becomes of it–will be the next Graceland?

– why he wears one glove?

– his skin condition and his many transformations

– all about cardiac arrest

– autopsy

– (four weeks later) toxicology reports

– how stars reacted to this shock

– scary 911 call

– past molestation cases–a look back

– what will become of his children

– what becomes of the mother of those children

– possible prescription drugs he’s been on

– his debt

– his secret library of songs never released (yet)

– how is Islam feeling about this?

– a look back at the Jackson Five

– The Golden Years

– the possible comeback that could’ve happened…


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