There I go again..complaining


about how I haven’t been out of this state in more than a year–actually more than two years.

No, I don’t count a trip to Vegas because I feel every California university/college student goes to Vegas.

I really want to go except no money and really really not a lot of time *sighs*.

I’d like to go to New York. I feel like all my college student friends went to New York. I kind of envied some of my neighbors who went to New York for Christmas and New Years and the question I hate to ask is “where on earth do they get this money???” They don’t have jobs I don’t know of. Also there’s also those student that travel to Italy on Thankgiving and Japan during spring break–I really do want to ask this question because I’m just soo curious.

Another example of me complaining was a few days ago when my other neighbor is looking forward to her trip to Mexico to see her close friend and I KNOW she doesn’t have a job. So I said “gosh…I’m so sad I haven’t been out of this state in two years it’s just that I’ve been so busy and I don’t really have money.” And she goes “well it’s simple, I used my credit card.”

Eh??? that was when i calmed down.

Well ok…I use to use my credit card but I  stop because I had to. I am soo happy to see that my outstanding credit card balances have been getting smaller and smaller :-). Which really matters.

also I calmed down when roommate was suppose to go to Mexico with her but she admitted she doesn’t have money. What I like about her is that she’s gutsy to admit she doesn’t have money to spend lavishly (though she finished college DEBT FREE thanks to her parents) and doesn’t show off. During college she had a part time job and it wasn’t a lot of hours but hey…she’s really good with her money and doesn’t use her parents money to spend on Rock and Republic clothes.

Honestly I felt my venting had a positive outcome. I think I had to get it out for the fact that I felt like a slave to working so much and slaving to paying rent and bills and it just made me realize “hey I really don’t have that money.” And also on top of that I’ve been cutting back on my shopping for cosmetics and skincare stuff and clothes yet finding a way to transition my style without going totally broke. I have to say…looking back when my bank balances were at the lowest point of my life–and always going overdraft was from June/July 2008-March 2009 and all it matters is that NOW, I’ve got money in my checking account. I could put it in my savings for that trip I want to go but…i need that for cushion money because let’s say…I needed a few days off at my part time job because I had to focus on writing a paper, that means less hours on my coming paycheckk so it’s good to have that extra money there if my paycheck was x-amount hours shorter than usual at least I got cushion money to pay for RENT!

Also in New York I wanna shop like crazy and eat out so…saving up for just the ticket and hotel IS NOT ENOUGH.

But you knowing, speaking of savings, I think I can once again do that 10% rule. The 10% rule is taking out at least 10% of your paycheck to savings–but that is usually going towards emergency if you lost your job–which is DEFINITELY important. I should start that too.

Anyways I just thinking about London…I should visit London and see EC there because I promised I’d see him so I should start saving like crazy.


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