finally switched rooms!


So i finally switched rooms and not only that I also:

– packed all the clothes I don’t wear/don’t need/don’t fit into a bag and it’s going to the Salvation Army–but I still have a lot of clothes left over!! omg…

– threw all my junk away

– consolidated all my extras–like extra body washes and extra razors and extra baby oil (I usually i transfer baby oil in a smaller bottle so I can easily take everything in my shower tray) in a bag and it’s ridiculously OVERFLOWING!!! thank god for project 10 pan…but I feel I foresee a part III because I never realized how much stuff I own!

– put my beauty samples in a samples bag

– I can finally fit all my beauty stuff in my drawer and it’s pretty organized and i can see about everything I owned. I never realized how much makeup i own–i mean yeah…it’s small compared to other beauty bloggers, but I think it might be time to buy a traincase! I’m thinking something like this Lori Greiner case. It’s about 65 dollars + S+H.


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