If I were to travel for a week, what makeup would i bring???


hmm…well the most i’ve been away was like 2-3 days and LATELY it’s been:


– day moisturizer

– sunsuncreen

– lush massage bar (as a lotion of course)

– witch hazel toner (in a smaller tube)

– Estee lauder night serum

– petroleum jelly (for eyecream usually)

– night time moisturizer

– skin cleanser

– body wash–well since the 2-3 day trip is at my parent’s house, i usually use the soap back home. If I was at a friend’s house it’s over night so I usually don’t worry about it that.


Solid shampoo has been sooo amazing on travels!!–it’s just one

Conditioner — i actually like the idea of having it in a little sample pot rather than a chunky bottle…


– One eyeshadow quad–I only have two it’s either Chanel Smoky Eyes or Beiges

– one single eyeshadow (well since i’m using one product for 30 days along everytime I use makeup) in Chanel Safari

– nude lipgloss

– Korres Tinted moisturizer

– since it’s summer I’ve been toting around both of my Tarte Cheekstains in Blissful and Tipsy.


keep in mind, this is a list of what I’d bring and it’s usually like 1-3 nights. I’m really not sure if I were travel for a week would be like I’m guessing I’d add another lipgloss–something pink or maybe a lipstick. Or maybe I’ll add another blush so I guess it’s not much of a difference.


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