dorm-living tips


In the dorm, you share a bathroom with like 3 other rooms and what I really don’t like about it is carrying my bathroom tray to bathroom. Sure I can leave my stuff in the bathroom because it’s not like I’ll sure another bathroom, but I don’t like how my stuff is there for all my neighbors to see and are free to use.  So I have a big bottle of baby oil, a shampoo bottle, conditioner bottle, facial cleanser bottle–and my trips to the bathroom has just been getting pretty cumbersome until a couple months ago.

I’ve been using TRAVEL bottles. There’s a good collection from the Container Store and they are really cheap too. I pretty much put all my things in a travel bottle except my facial cleanser but altogether it’s taken less space on my bathroom travel and my trips to the shower have gotten lighter. And I can add a few more things like a Lush massage bar (I use Wiccy massage bar after I work out from the gym to ease sore muscles) and the Lush containers don’t take up much space.

My favorite thing about having travel bottles is that I don’t have to buy a separate travel sized version of the same product I use when I leave my place for the weekend or for a few days, I can just throw them from the bathroom travel and put them in the traveling toiletry bag.


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