Essentials: Lush Wiccy Magic Muscle Massage bars


I love this stuff! This is definitely an essential because when I have sore muscles from working out or let’s say a more specific example would be last night when I fell down and hurt my calf, this came to the rescue. This relieved the pain. I also like using this for neck aches too. As I am almost running out of this stuff, I would definitely buy it AGAIN!!! but I hope to not run out too soon because I don’t have money right now (ahh!!! Just paid rent!).

But the thing I don’t like are the coffee beans, they fall off once melted.

Sold at or your closet Lush store near you at $8.75 each.

The other massage bar I have is Each Peach–that one smells so citrusy and it’s great for summer too. Sometimes when I travel, I take it with me as a lotion after showering. I store it in a tin container so no more dealing with leaking bottles.

Also if you buy two Lushmassage bars–you get a tin container for free–which is definitely much much needed.


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