today’s little window shopping


Today EC and I went out for lunch before him heading out to Anime Expo. Actually he is not a die hard anime fan but his friends are definitely are. But anyways after lunch, I took a walk to the mall and check out the following:

– Chanel Venise Collection is A LOT better than I expected!!!! The eye gloss is very pigmented–especially the red one–I would find it lovely when mixed with purple. The Murano quad is pigmented too it’s dark green/black, teal, blue-grey, and pink–it’s a nice night-time quad and I hope it’s not LE (it’s not listed as LE) because I’ve been meaning to buy the Mystic Eyes quad for MONTHS!!! The pink in the Murano is what I’ve been looking for. The lipsticks are pretty my favorite are Captive and Instinctie. Intermezzo nail polish is a pearl shade which I am DEFINITELY getting.

– The Laura Gellar Blush in Sunswept is pretty on the face as it is on the container.

– I’d like to buy some YSL lipsticks–so creamy and pigmented.

– I know I already have a bunch of body washes and lotions but I’d like the get some Korres too. But…it can wait…*sighs*

– The Jurlique beauty regime packages are cute–they look like they are packaged in little egg cartons. the Rose toner smells soo pretty.

Jo Malone fragrances are pretty and great for mixing. I’d like to start a perfume wardrobe of Jo Malones’ but sooo expensive.


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