Checklist for the week! done



– toothpaste (currently I have some left over but not enough to last me two weeks)

– tampons/insteads whatever for ladies days

– laundry–i might have to do two loads because I need to wash my blankets and sheets too

I’m trying to make a list of essentials to avoid impulsive buys.

A good reminder why I should do project 10 pan–to avoid impulsive buys–but the finish my credit card payments *sighs*. Also the fact I would find very cumbersome moving all my stuff when I move out.

Anyways i’m going to head to the store to get some laundry change. Today I’m gonna wash my sheets.

Anyways speaking of laundry, another shirt I had to toss out. I’ve had this shirt since freshmen year of college, I guess this one had to go… *sighs* my wardrobe is getting smaller and smaller.

FYI: never never put your clothes on a credit card purchase. Unless it was like an investment like a winter coat (which doesn’t really apply here in Southern California). Don’t put food on your credit card purchase either–i’m not talking groceries but when you go out and eat with your friends. Anyways coming soon, a list to not put on your credit purchase. But I’m proud to say that I haven’t put makeup on my credit card.


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