top 5: my college favorites (anything about college)


1. Bowl Noodles Soup – best late night food ever!!! I might like this one just as much as coffee. My favorite flavor is Kimchi and I always wanted to buy a bulk version except where would I put it in my room??

2. Diddy Reese Cookies – 1.50 cookie sandwiches!!!

3.  the social life – I never realized the importance of forming relationships were in college. I think it’s a science major thing because as far as social life went during my first 3.5 years of college it was studying with your classmates. There were some times between those 3.5 years where I did go out once in a while but didn’t cherish them like I would until the last 6 months, I didn’t realize they were that important. Well i want to say EC but that should connect to this too–sorry he doesn’t get his own number. But I want to say EC because he helped me open up to the importance of having a social life and having relationships (not like romantic ones but close ones) because it definitely made life easier. I was there for EC when he was upset and he was there when I called for him or when I was upset and just talking about it made it easier.

4. My faith – I don’t want to sound like a Bible thumper but I’m just saying how it is. I felt like my faith has become stronger towards the end of college. I loved Friday night dinner with the brothers and sisters and I loved singing. It seem to alleviate some of my some of the stressful experiences I had in college.

5. Being in Los Angeles – extremely vague. Despite the fact that I can’t afford to buy designer clothes and drive a car LA  is a lot of fun. Lots of things to be explored. I can’t imagine any other city to go to college than Los Angeles. I love going to Dockweiler and having bonfires,  I love shopping in various shopping centers, I love mini-road trips, catching the bus to wherever in LA, late night dinner runs, etc. It’s just so eclectic over here but as I’m looking through jobs, another part of me is telling me to start another chapter in my life even if it means being away from LA.


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