Temp jobs anyone??


So as I keep job hunting, I noticed the only jobs that seem to be available are the temporary jobs and some of my friends who have jobs just now are temporary jobs. You know in the beginning I thought I really shouldn’t look into it but in this economy a temporary job is better than no job at all. In fact, you still get experience especially it’s related to your field then that’s still a bonus. Anyways here’s a list I found on Job Mob so check it out:

15 Benefits of Temporary Jobs:

Improved odds

By opening yourself up to the temporary job market, you increase your chances of getting a job, period.


Whether at temporary job placement agencies or at the hiring companies, temp jobs are a good way to meet new people and grow your job search network.


A little income is better than none and some countries allow you to take temp jobs while still receiving unemployment benefits.


A temp job is a quick way to get some experience in a field you’re lacking.


A temp job can let you try out a new career direction, especially for people who aren’t sure what their profession should be.


Being productive in a work role will keep your spirits up and help you otherwise avoid job search depression.

Free training

Temporary placement agencies are responsible for sending qualified temps to client companies. As a result, the placement agencies will often train the candidates they think can do the temp job.

Flex time

Many temp jobs are part-time, leaving your schedule partly open to continuing with your longer-term job search.

Employer tryouts

A temp job is a great way to learn about a company from the inside, helping you to decide if you even want to be a full-time employee there.

Easier to hire

Costing less than full-time employees, temps are appealing to companies in hard times. “Lowering your barrier to entry” means that as a temp you could get hired by a company that couldn’t afford to hire you otherwise.

Full time job offer

The “temp-to-hire” situation is when a company brings in temps to test their skills in filtering candidates for full hiring. Another nice situation is where the company is so happy with your temp results that they decide to offer you a full time job.


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