College students: would you want to move back home?


When the Fledgings Return to the Nest – I was reading this NY Times article online before heading to work.

My thoughts: The truth is…I don’t want to become a boomerang child. I know I just graduated from college and just taking that one class but I’ll do whatever it takes to NOT move back home. That’s my final answer. But there has been many times I’ve been thinking about moving back home or being near my home town until I recently reach my revelation.

A couple weeks ago, I decided to attend a high school classmate’s wedding–the bridge and the groom have been going out for at least 5 years–engaged for about 2.5 years. Going to the wedding made me feel alien it made me realized–hey hometown, I feel…this is over. I don’t see excitment, I don’t see adventure, I don’t see where I can take myself to next level. You know I have neighbor who told me to not try to move back home–he’s originally in San Jose and he got a job in LA–that I call success. He was temporarily employed for a while that’s how he was able to come through. I felt in order for him to be able to get a full time job after college, he had to really open up his mind. Since he wasn’t able to find a job in a month, he took up temporary work until he found a real full time job. So yeah…he telling me the reason why you shouldn’t move back home to your parents is because it’s depressing. He’s got friends who live at home and they’re unhappy where they’re at because it’s too easy.

For me, what I found…well…living with my parents was beyond about living with your parents–I’ve been looking for jobs from back home and there doesn’t seem be any opportunities back home. You know…since I was taking summer school and just working a lot my parents did invite me to come back and move in…I’m kind of glad I didn’t because there’s no point in looking for a job there when there’s no opportunities. Yeah it sucks that I have to pay rent but since I’m actively looking for a job, my stay is worth while. I’d find it as an inconvenience if I moved back because back home everything is so far away and I’d have to make a major trip to just get to LA. In fact I’m glad I stuck around because I feel more mobile and I’m right in the middle of where I’m looking for my jobs. There’s this one comment I read from this article and they mentioned how the kids stay with their parents and they want to live NYC but it’s too expensive–hello kids! of course NYC is expensive so look for a place somewhere else you can actually afford! For me, I’m following place based on the opportunities first and if I can afford living there second.


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