Top 5 things you didn’t learn in college–but you should anyways


So in my previous post I was ranting about my thoughts on the article about how more than ever kids are going back to live with their parents and I won’t do that. Just for personal reasons I felt like I shouldn’t return to my home town for the following reasons, I felt alien and after actively job hunting around my area, I couldn’t find any job opportunities. The only appeal I can find from living there was that it’s cheaper to live there but…let’s see where I find a job.

So anyways why am I posting a Top 5 on things you didn’t learn in college? Well ok…I felt the reason why some people move back home is because it’s just so easy. Like it’s default and I didn’t try to look for a job. Throughout this month I’ve been looking for a job and working part time I picked up the following:

1. Looking for work: During college I don’t think I was ever taught how build a resume but thank god I had my time in 7th grade, 10th grade, and 12th grade to learn and each time I did get better.

2. Actually learning how to work: So my part time job is a supervisor and there are some people who just don’t know how to work and respect your boss and respect and talk well with your peers. To me, I feel if this is how you act at work, I can’t imagine how you’d act in real life. I mean at work you give the best presentation of yourself so if you goofing off at work and just being unprofessional is your best presentation, then ugh…I don’t even know where to begin how you’d act in real life.

3. Looking at your bank statement – College life is definitely all about learning how to balance and we fail to that most of the time. I mean our life is about studying and having fun and having fun sure costs money so watch out. And also you can learn how to say “no” if you can’t afford it. I am so glad I am dating a guy who is very frugal because he knows if he can’t spend a lot of money on me then I shouldn’t spending a lot of money on him. And it definitely takes the pressure off when we go on dates you know :-). And he feels the same way.

4. Learning how to keep a credit card – oh man….NO ONE ever told me this except get a credit card and build credit. I got a credit card at 20 years old and I can’t imagine what I would spend at 20–there are no big ticket items I need. And god, I was careless spending on items like going out and etc. I’m trying really really really hard to tighten my budget and I’ve been trying to pay off my credit cards for the past year. *sighs*…

5. Eating well — enough said… you know my parents told me that there is no excuse to not eat healthy. I mean we have bagged salads and there’s always these magazines tellings us ways to alternate something–same taste and less calories.


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