Setting up my beauty budget!


So instead of the Chanel eye gloss I bought the Murano Quad and looking at it is sooo gorgeous. I remembered I tried it out at Bloomingdales and I felt very well…sea-nymphy hehehe. I am going to post a picture soon.

Anyways this weekend was fun, I went over to EC’s place because it was his birthday this week. On Friday we went to a bar with a couple of his high school friends and then on Saturday some old friends from college and I had a bon fire and bbq. Huntington State Beach is so pretty and I love bbqs! 😀 Anyways I’ve been telling myself all summer, this is the last summer–this really is.

Ok so away from reminiscing, so this Chanel quad is gonna probably be my last luxurious makeup/skincare purchase in a while because I am going to…budget!! I found a QOTD on Lipstick Rules and the question was “do you have a budget for your makeup purchase?”

My answer is “God I wish I did!” So on top of it being the last summer I need to start my new life wherever my new job is taking me and this is going to be a lot of money i.e. cost of moving and bringing my car so I have to buy gas, etc. That is why I’ve been doing so many project 10 pans which did work because I didn’t spend any new makeup items until I finished 10 products. Before I had a really heavy bath tray full of body washes and a bunch of lotions in my closet because they were presents and all these free samples but I’ve really made it small since this summer. Since I am on my third round of project 10 pan, I thought maybe the products I finish I put however the amount it cost the product into a savings account and that’s my beauty budget. What  am not going to count on my project 10 pan are my beauty staples like Witch Hazel Toner or the only night time moisturizer I have–that’s not gonna count because I use it all the time haha. Probably something that’s not necessary like an exfoliator or like this extra body lotion or face moisturizer I happen to have. And free samples are going to be 1 dollar–this idea I got from The Makeup Obsessed so I thought to try it out. This is going to be the last project 10 pan project too. The beauty budget is gonna be my spending on cosmetics of course and some luxury brand bath items (i.e. Lush soaps and lotions and the Exfoliator, Korres brand) just to define my budget–drugstore skincare is okay.


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