today is the day…



Craziness!!! Anyways I hope to hear from more jobs soon so yeah–it was a lot better than I expected and you know what, job interviews are more like experiences. I haven’t done an interview in a looong while so I hope with the more interviews I get, I’ll get better.

Anyways this week was a major time crunch. I work, class, a report due this week, and an interview and I did last minute shopping with interview clothes because I have NONE except for pants and an undergarment. I kept asking a bunch of my neighbors for any spare long sleeved shirts but it wasn’t what I was looking for. The color was too loud or there was a huge logo or the patterns were too overwhelming. I went to Ross yesterday because it was the only free time to do it but I couldn’t find a shirt conservative enough. But on the way to the interview I went to a Ross and bought a white long sleeve collared shirt. It’s kind of crazy that there was no girl I’ve asked who had a long sleeved collared shirt in a conservative color like white or some pastel color. Also at Ross I bought a pair of black closed toe shoes with a 1 inch wedge. The heels there were open toed or the flats were too trendy–I felt getting a wedge was like a hybrid between the two. Anyways yay for last minute shopping!!! I actually do have collared shirts–well just two one white and the other is black with pin stripes but they were both short sleeve and it was too casual for the interview you know. Anyways I haven’t clothes shopped in a while and I said that I would NOT shop and just focus on buying interview pieces which shouldn’t be a lot. Anyways I think for my next interview piece should be another long sleeve collared shirt in a lighter color like blue or yellow–anyways just thinking. Still wardrobe transitioning. Oh speaking of which the clothes I haven’t worn in so long I have to send it to Buffalo Exchange–it would be nice to get some cash for something you know.

oh yeah me and my coworker are doing a contest where we only bring our OWN lunch instead of buying lunch. We both have different reasons. For her she wants to diet, for me it’s a diet for my wallet and it’s good practice when I do get a full time job because I feel once I get a full time job, I still don’t think I’ll be able to spend and shop like crazy you know I’ve got debts to owe (loans and credit cards) and things to save for.


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