trying to figure out this growing up thing


So I will be officially done with school in a few days! craziness! But I’m trying to figure out this whole growing up thing and there are things I picked up on the way. I’m actually emphasiziing on the financial part because starting a new life cost money. Anyways things I picked up:

– Create other streams of income: So I am enrolled in and I use to fill out those surveys all the time and got 10 dollars from it but during the school year I didn’t do it as much because I got too busy and sometimes those surveys take a lot of time. But today I was inspired to do it again when during dinner time my neighbor (who works a full time job) talked about how he sold his stocks to be able to buy that ticket to Japan in a few weeks. It made me go back again to do and also I signed up to do Associated Content because I thought if I’m working a full time job why not type up my hobbies behinds I would find it mentally stimulating.

– Budget, Budget, Budget! – I’ve made many attempts but failed miserably especially during the regular school year when your hours aren’t as stable when working full time. Times I worked lots of hours and other times I didn’t work as much because I asked my boss for me to not work as much because I was busy with a project or something like that. Also college life is pretty unpredictable and I just didn’t know how to make categories but I really really should!

– Creating a cushion fund — don’t let your balance fall below a certain point


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