what would I cut back on?


I read this article from Chica With Issues on being frugal.

What I learned about being frugal is just cutting back. Just because you love your Starbucks coffee so much doesn’t mean you should change to another brand that is half the price but doesn’t taste just as good–all you have to do is cut back by 50% of your Starbucks trip. It actually makes sense too because if you are an avid coffee drinker, why be frugal on coffee when you’ve got little things to cut back on like you can totally cut on fast food runs. For me for examples, I love coffee too but then I practiced the art of making your own coffee and cutting your trips to the coffee place in half.

For me I am cutting back on the following:

– buying lunch at work — bring lunch which I’ve done every day since Tuesday. Even on my way to the interview I brought my own food and ate it in the train.

– late night snacks like candy

– makeup purchases but I love Chanel makeup and their LE items. And I would probably just buy LE stuff or just avoid making Chanel hauls.

– Luxury skincare purchases except for a few items.

– but definitely luxury bath items!

Anyways I got my reasons to save up because like I said starting a new life is pretty expensive especially when you move from dorm room to apartment and you’ve got loans to pay and all that stuff…


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