Project 10 pan


1.  L’oreal Nature’s Therapy Mega Moisture Creme Jar

Retailed at 10.99. This is my favorite hair conditioner–i love using this after my Lush Shampoo Bars. I do look forward to buying it again when I finish my other hair conditioners and it smells sooo good. I’m actually gonna keep the container and make a place for my makeup brushes.

I’m gonna add this to my beauty budget because I’ve got two more hair conditioners to go!

2. Lush Big shampoo

This is a sample size I got from the Big Hair Affair Kit. I’d like to buy this again it makes me think of the beach because of the salt. Since my hair is thick and has a lot of volume, I don’t think I need a volume shampoo. I would buy this again because of the novelty.

I’m gonna add 2.14 on my beauty budget (there were 7 items in the Big Hair Affair for 15 dollars so 15/7 was about 2.14)


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