Best of 2009


1. Best Nail Polish: Chanel Nail Polish in Cosmic violine

2. Best night cream: Alba botanics SeaPlus Renewal Cream

3. Best Day cream:

4. Best foundation: Korres Watermelon Lightweight tinted moisturizer

5. Best Serum: Estee Lauder Night Repair

6. Lipstick:

Plum:  Chanel rouge Hydrabase in Fantastic Plum




Pink: Chanel Rouge Hydrabase in Euphoria

7. Best Shampoo: Organix

8. Best conditioner: Organix or L’oreal nature’s therapy

9. Best blush: Chanel in Rose Dust or In Love or Cargo in Cable beach (night time)??? Tarte in Tipsy for Coral

Plum: CableBeach Cargo

Pink: Chanel JC in Rose Dust or Tipsy Tarte

Coral: Chanel JC in In Love

10. Best eyeshadow: dramatic: NYX in blues


11. Concealer: New York Color

12. Chanel glossimer in Nebula

13. Korres cherry full color gloss in Nude

13. Best lipbalm – Nivea Kiss of Moisture

14. Best Toner: Witch Hazel generic is good enough

15. Best face wash – Chanel precision

16. Best Scrub – Trader Joes Grapefruit scrub

17. Best body lotion – Baby Oil

18. Best eyecream – ????

19. Best Hand Cream – Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream

19. Best body wash: Trader Joes tea tree oil wash

20. Best brushes: Eco-tools

21. Best Mascara: Exceptionnel de Chanel

22. Best Sunscreen: Chanel UV essentiel for face and No-Ad for body

23. Best deorderant: Secret in Asian Pear

24. Best perfume: Bulgari Amethyste

25. Best Powder: Chanel Poudre Douce in Peche Tendre

26. Best Eyeshadow:


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