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I love this stuff! This is definitely an essential because when I have sore muscles from working out or let’s say a more specific example would be last night when I fell down and hurt my calf, this came to the rescue. This relieved the pain. I also like using this for neck aches too. […]

In the dorm, you share a bathroom with like 3 other rooms and what I really don’t like about it is carrying my bathroom tray to bathroom. Sure I can leave my stuff in the bathroom because it’s not like I’ll sure another bathroom, but I don’t like how my stuff is there for all […]

image from Oh I couldn’t find my Korres Lip butter in a while and used that dreaded Nivea Kiss of Moisture SPF 4. The Nivea gave sun protection which I like but it didn’t moisturize so I had to keep applying every so often. But i’m so glad I found it because my lips […]

this is my first Nivea lipbalm and I wouldn’t recommend it if this is your first time using Nivea lipbalm (or Labello). I like how this has SPF 4 but I don’t like how it’s not very MOISTURIZING–it’s like I have to use another moisturizing balm to get the desired results. I am soo looking […]

It costs less than five dollars. It comes in a small squeeze tube but a little comes a long way–one tube gives about 200 uses. Ever since I left little Nivea blue tin in EC’s room, I let him keep it because his hands are so dry but that left me with no hand cream […]

I prefer tinted moisturizers to foundations in general just because I’m just a plain old foundation-a-phobe. I don’t really like it when make up artists put foundation–I don’t even like it when I put on foundation either. But with tinted moisturizers, they’re light weight where I don’t feel like I”m wearing makeup or think about […]