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When the Fledgings Return to the Nest – I was reading this NY Times article online before heading to work. My thoughts: The truth is…I don’t want to become a boomerang child. I know I just graduated from college and just taking that one class but I’ll do whatever it takes to NOT move back […]

4th of July…


what did I do? I visited my ex-roommate and had get together/BBQ. We went to the beach and watched fireworks. It’s really cool to watch it at the beach because if you look along the shoreline, there were fire works there too which I thought was cool. There were also fireworks coming from behind the […]

I was at 7-11 today which by the way has 99 cent iced coffee and I saw something on the cover saying “Virgins in Cosmo (We thought the day would never come)”. Well maybe due to declining subscription and covering every possible topic on sex, they had to go to virgins…According to EC Cosmopolitan is […]

How many topics can the news cover about Michael Jackson?? All weekend from the tv in EC’s living room to the car radio it was Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson. Maybe because I’m not a die hard fan. Or maybe because everyday I always see the ever-growing Iran Election protest everyday on Wilshire Blvd […]

EC showed me this article that i found inspiring: “What’s crucial is to begin. Things happen and opportunities appear most often when we’re moving, not standing still.“ Crap…well I may not have 60,000 dollars worth in debt (thank god) but I AM in credit card debt. But I agree looking at my credit card statement, I don’t have anything worth this debt like I don’t have big ticket items–I mean I live in a dorm room!! Like a majority of it […]

Very popular question that I’ve been asked since last quarter by my peer counselor. Anyways here is my list: 1. Spend more time with the people here and  less time with the friends back home: This was the first thing that I told   my counselor our of all the things I could’ve possibly said, I […]