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oooh I am loving the clothes and shoes in the Nordstrom’s anniversary sale!!! But even with the sale it’s too high with my college budget and goals—the only thing I can buy is just makeup and besides during my time in college I don’t think I can see myself wearing expensive clothes to class especially […]

one piece at a time… and affordable too! So Sunday my mom made me throw away my Abercrombie and Fitch top because it didn’t fit like it use to anymore–i noticed over the four years I got bustier hehe. But thank god, yesterday was payday and I got this Jones New York from Ross for […]

wow, sorry about the hiatus. Been busy with school. Anyways my recent purchases. Yesterday I went to Ross and i was trying to look for a blue dress for next week’s banquet and i found one for 9.99!! it’s plain but there’s so many ways to wear it. hen it comes to buying dresses, I’m […]

for under 30 dollars that is!! – 2 tops from Wet Seal–they’re just basic tees on clearance. There was a one cent sale on their clearance too! Buy one and the other for one cents. I got one shirt clearanced at 3.99 and the second shirt at 1 cent! – 2 blouses from H&M which […]