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At, this was priced about 20 dollars and this is definitely a NEED!! I’ve been thinking about getting a fabric steamer for a while because I don’t really walking to my neighbor’s place to iron my clothes because he’s the only person who owns an iron. Yesterday before leaving for my interview, I went […]

My latest newest pieces: 1. Undergarment for that form-fitting figure 2. White collared long sleeve shirt 3. Dressy wedged heels – there are about 1 inch long 4. bra built tank Wish list (as always): 1. Long-sleeved collared shirt in another color maybe a light blue or a light yellow 2. I’ve been drooling over […]

90% of my makeup reside here in this drawer. Like I said, it’s not as much as otherr makeup collections I’ve encountered in the blog but it is more than average I guess??? Idk. The remaining are on my desk but they’re usually staples like powder and there’s this blue eyeshadow trio i’ve been meaning […]

I threw away two tanks: a tank because for some reason it’s been shrinking and shrinking and this other tank that is pretty much has loose threads all over the place–I had these for about 2 years. Note to self: must put some “off season clothes” in the red  box (where I keep the rest […]