Today I went to the OC fair. Can’t believe I almost forgot about my budget for this month. Anyways the new monthly challenge is to see if I can live off of 60 dollars for eating out/coffee money and 40 dollars off of her entertainment. today was a big day so lots of spending! Yikes this might be harder than I expected.

EAting out: 60 dollars

7.02 for dinner

4 dollars sharing a dish with EC

4.75 Fried Reese’s Pieces

3.94 for Breakfast


TOTAL: 19.71

leftover: 40.21

Entertainment: 40 dollars

– OC fair 10 dollars =

30 left over

p.s. more beauty related posts coming up!. Sorry I haven’t any I’ve been busy with school, work, finding a job and finding a hobby!


So I checked out my outstanding balance for my student loans and I got 12,100–wow! I know I don’t have to pay until 6 months after graduation but it’s something to watch out for.

And on top of that I’m trying budget and I’m trying make it about 1000-1200 dollars a month on things I spend. Looking through PF blogs, it seems possible but I need to practice it i.e. eating out would be 60 dollars/month etc. But anyways recently I’ve been trying to cut back such on dining out by bringing my own lunch to work and I’m trying to downsize stuff before I have to move–clothes, credit card debt, and cosmetics. I know I haven’t posted a lot of beauty related stuff but I’m trying to budget because I still love my makeup!

Anyways starting August (or maybe this Saturday because I am going to the fair) I am going to follow this budget (from what I’ve seen from other PF bloggers) since these are my following weaknesses so I should practice it:

Eating out 60 dollars. How I define this one is trips to Starbucks (since I seldom go for coffee), dining out.

Entertainment 40 dollars – this one I’m not sure how to define entertainment is so vague. More like going out to bars and going to movies I guess.

Since I live in the dormitories I can’t practice doing the 100 dollars worth of groceries.

the cosmetics budget is still project 10 pan.

I’ve seen “miscaellany” in people’s budget except I’m not sure what that means. I put 55 dollars except I don’t think I’d want to touch that maybe shopping money or gift giving  money??? or whatever you want money? *shrugs*

Project 10 pan


1.  L’oreal Nature’s Therapy Mega Moisture Creme Jar

Retailed at 10.99. This is my favorite hair conditioner–i love using this after my Lush Shampoo Bars. I do look forward to buying it again when I finish my other hair conditioners and it smells sooo good. I’m actually gonna keep the container and make a place for my makeup brushes.

I’m gonna add this to my beauty budget because I’ve got two more hair conditioners to go!

2. Lush Big shampoo

This is a sample size I got from the Big Hair Affair Kit. I’d like to buy this again it makes me think of the beach because of the salt. Since my hair is thick and has a lot of volume, I don’t think I need a volume shampoo. I would buy this again because of the novelty.

I’m gonna add 2.14 on my beauty budget (there were 7 items in the Big Hair Affair for 15 dollars so 15/7 was about 2.14)

I am obsessed with that I just keep adding more wishlist stuff on!!!

I am soo in love with the dresses and I am gonna continue to look!

But what i’m frustrated about is that I can’t save these pictures!

More vintage clothes can be found in this article.

Summer 07 Japan
For my sister’s graduation present we went to Japan for three weeks starting from Tokyo ending in Osaka.

Summary: This is a slideshow of my trip to Japan. It’s an eclectic collection because me and my sister travelled in big cities and we also traveled in suburbs, little villages and little islands as well.

I read this article from Chica With Issues on being frugal.

What I learned about being frugal is just cutting back. Just because you love your Starbucks coffee so much doesn’t mean you should change to another brand that is half the price but doesn’t taste just as good–all you have to do is cut back by 50% of your Starbucks trip. It actually makes sense too because if you are an avid coffee drinker, why be frugal on coffee when you’ve got little things to cut back on like you can totally cut on fast food runs. For me for examples, I love coffee too but then I practiced the art of making your own coffee and cutting your trips to the coffee place in half.

For me I am cutting back on the following:

– buying lunch at work — bring lunch which I’ve done every day since Tuesday. Even on my way to the interview I brought my own food and ate it in the train.

– late night snacks like candy

– makeup purchases but I love Chanel makeup and their LE items. And I would probably just buy LE stuff or just avoid making Chanel hauls.

– Luxury skincare purchases except for a few items.

– but definitely luxury bath items!

Anyways I got my reasons to save up because like I said starting a new life is pretty expensive especially when you move from dorm room to apartment and you’ve got loans to pay and all that stuff…

So I will be officially done with school in a few days! craziness! But I’m trying to figure out this whole growing up thing and there are things I picked up on the way. I’m actually emphasiziing on the financial part because starting a new life cost money. Anyways things I picked up:

– Create other streams of income: So I am enrolled in and I use to fill out those surveys all the time and got 10 dollars from it but during the school year I didn’t do it as much because I got too busy and sometimes those surveys take a lot of time. But today I was inspired to do it again when during dinner time my neighbor (who works a full time job) talked about how he sold his stocks to be able to buy that ticket to Japan in a few weeks. It made me go back again to do and also I signed up to do Associated Content because I thought if I’m working a full time job why not type up my hobbies behinds I would find it mentally stimulating.

– Budget, Budget, Budget! – I’ve made many attempts but failed miserably especially during the regular school year when your hours aren’t as stable when working full time. Times I worked lots of hours and other times I didn’t work as much because I asked my boss for me to not work as much because I was busy with a project or something like that. Also college life is pretty unpredictable and I just didn’t know how to make categories but I really really should!

– Creating a cushion fund — don’t let your balance fall below a certain point