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So instead of the Chanel eye gloss I bought the Murano Quad and looking at it is sooo gorgeous. I remembered I tried it out at Bloomingdales and I felt very well…sea-nymphy hehehe. I am going to post a picture soon. Anyways this weekend was fun, I went over to EC’s place because it was […]

So in the beginning of June, I had to use one product everytime I used makeup and I chose Chanel eyeshadow in Safari. After 30 days versus the beginning of June: So there is a dip on this eyeshadow. I bought this over a year ago and I’ve been barely using it. I forgot how […]

ok there are two and they are both non-beauty related. 1. It’s a hard one and this one is to not eat out alone and when eating out with friends, when deciding between items pick the cheaper one.  When EC and I go out to eat sometime we split the meal. 2. to apply to […]

I decided to play safe this month just because it’s a new challenge so that is why I used Safari. I always say it’s such a versatile color but I barely wear it. Anyways remember I’ll be using Safari everytime I put on makeup (which is everyday because I do put on lipgloss and powder […]

I found this challenge from and the challenge is using only one product everytime you use your makeup. You can still use your other makeup but you have to always use that one product everytime you apply makeup…So anyways…it can be one eyeshadow and/or one blush and/or one lippie for a whole month. But […]