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Blush wardrobe


I decided to make a list of all the makeup and skincare products i own, when i list them down, i’m pretty shocked about what I have… Blush is my FAVORITE makeup product ever! People and even makeup artists are so surprised that blush is the ONLY makeup I usually use and so far the […]

from Stila illuminating tinted moisturizer in SPF 15 is instant love!!! I tried this out in sephora today and it made my skin FLAWLESS and it lasts and it’s got SPF too!! But too bad it’s 32 dollars and I need to finish up my makeup otherwise poor Korres TM won’t ever finish up. […]

I prefer tinted moisturizers to foundations in general just because I’m just a plain old foundation-a-phobe. I don’t really like it when make up artists put foundation–I don’t even like it when I put on foundation either. But with tinted moisturizers, they’re light weight where I don’t feel like I”m wearing makeup or think about […]