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Today I went to the OC fair. Can’t believe I almost forgot about my budget for this month. Anyways the new monthly challenge is to see if I can live off of 60 dollars for eating out/coffee money and 40 dollars off of her entertainment. today was a big day so lots of spending! Yikes […]

So I checked out my outstanding balance for my student loans and I got 12,100–wow! I know I don’t have to pay until 6 months after graduation but it’s something to watch out for. And on top of that I’m trying budget and I’m trying make it about 1000-1200 dollars a month on things I […]

quick pressing


I’m back at my place. currently re-doing my resume (layout-wise) Tip I learned from resume-writing which is a big one–don’t follow a template–it limits your creativity. Don’t add an objective section on your resume because that is what your cover letter is for. creating a rough cover letter and hoping to complete it tonight.

This is the last summer of my undergraduate life and I need to save up! And skip buying so much skincare, beauty stuff, and clothes, and eating out etc and WHY I should skip. So I decided to stick around my college town for a bit which I am glad to exercise some independence. I […]